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The WABCO Truck Training Model


What is it?

The truck training model is a true-to-original, reduced scale towing vehicle equipped with WABCO’s advanced intelligent braking and suspension systems.


The truck training model is equipped with the following systems:

  • EBS3 with ABS configuration (6S/5M)
  • Electronically controlled air suspension ECU ECAS CAN2
  • Lifting axle control valve
  • ECAS remote control unit
  • System for targeted fault simulation

Universal range of application

  • The truck training model has been specially developed for training and demonstration purposes. Both individually and in conjunction with the trailer training model, it enables the practical transfer of specialist knowledge in the field of modern electronic truck technology.
  • It is designed to fit in any training room or workshop. In addition, the model is so compact that it can also be transported in a van. The model is fitted with rollers to enable it to be moved anywhere easily.



The benefits to you

  • Realistic training.
  • Fully functional WABCO original equipment.
  • State-of-the-art vehicle technology.
  • Full diagnostic capability
  • Mobile and space-saving,
  • 1800 x 855 x 1550 mm (L x W x H)
  • Trainees enjoy it
  • Best model in its class
  • 1. Coupling heads / ISO connection
  • 2. Brake pedal
  • 3. Tristop™ brake cylinder
  • 4. Control switches and indicator lights
  • 5. Measurement sockets
  • 6. ECU ECAS CAN2 and EBS electronics
  • 7. ECAS remote control unit
  • 8. Park brake
  • 9. Rear and brake lights
  • 10. Connection ISO 7638, 7-pin
  • 11. Coupling head red
  • 12. Coupling head yellow
  • 13. Connection ISO 12098, 15-pin
  • 14. Display of braking pressure
  • 15. Display of air suspension pressure

Our Trainingmodels

  • The WABCO Truck Training Model
  • The WABCO Trailer Training Model


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