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  • ECAS and Trailer Central Electronic


    Program overview

    • Structure and mode of operation of the WABCO-ECAS and Trailer Central Electronic systems and their components.
    • Explanation of the system setup, circuit diagrams of ECAS systems (including Trailer Central Electronic), and the control behavior.
    • Checking and troubleshooting of the ECAS system with the WABCO-PC diagnostics tool.
    • Calibrating the system (adjusting the ride height).
    • Meaning and effect of the parameters of WABCO-ECAS in motor vehicles and trailers, and of Trailer Central Electronic parameters in trailers.

    Target audience

    • Workshop mechanics
    • Service technicians
    • Service engineers



    Your benefits

    • Upon the successful completion of the training, a participation certificate is issued.
    • The training course provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of ECAS and Trailer Central Electronic systems troubleshooting.
    • Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will also receive a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which enables the unlocking of advanced functionalities in the Diagnostic Software of the WABCO product.

    Our Trainings

    • WABCO ECAS (including Trailer Central Electronic) Systems Training

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